We want to help you earn RESIDUAL income for the life of your referral!


At this time MyOrgWorks has grown organically through referrals from our friends, customers and affiliates.  We want our growth to continue while benefiting those who help in our growth.

We are the ONLY technology company that we know that helps create a residual stream for the life of our account.

If your referral customer works with our great service, you get 8% of the contracted amount the first time and 5% for the life of the account.

This adds up VERY quickly.  And you can soon track your affiliate earning from this online portal (COMING SOON!)

We look forward to working with you and your trusted ones, we appreciate your loyalty!

Here's how quickly this adds up:

Customer  Initial Deal/Your take away Monthly/You make Additional Annual
 1 annual referral $ 1000: you make $ 80  $ 50: you make $ 2.5/month   $ 4000 : you make $ 200  $ 310
 5 annual referrals
total: 10,000: you make: $ 800 $ 250: you make $ 12.5/month  $ 15000: you make $ 750 $ 1700
     ... and so it grows* !!!!

* actual amounts may be greater or less depending on contract-work signed up with your referral.

COMING SOON: you will be able to track your residual earning from an online portal


Call 512.917.2308 for a simple, no-hassle conversation of how we may help you

Our commitment is to make web-based technology accessible to you, in a socially conscious sustainable manner: we achieve this by using the latest open-source technology and combining lower cost power off offshore and on-shore resources

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